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January 31, 2024
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In this post, we share Software Architecture & Technology of Large-Scale Systems (Udemy) with free online streaming and direct download links.

In this course, you will Gain expertise in designing software systems with advanced performance, scalability, availability, and security, leveraging contemporary technologies.


uploads on 10th feb 2024

  • Section 1: Introduction
1. Developer To Architect.mp4
2. Introduction to Developer To Architect
  • Section 2: Performance
3. Module contents overview
uploads on 11th feb 2024
4. A reference software system for discussing performance
5. What is performance
6. How do performance problems look like
7. Performance principles

uploads on 15th feb 2024

8 System performance objectives
9 Performance measurement metrics
10 Serial request latency
11 Network transfer latency
12 Minimizing network transfer latency

uploads on 19th feb 2024

013 Memory access latency
014 Minimizing memory access latency
015 Disk access latency
016 Minimizing disk access latency
017 CPU processing latency
018 Minimizing CPU processing latency
019 Some common latency costs
020 Concurrency related latency
021 Amdahl_s law for concurrent tasks
022 Gunther_s universal scalability law
023 Shared resource contention
024 Minimizing shared resource contention
025 Minimizing locking related contention
026 Pessimistic Locking
027 Optimistic Locking
028 Compare and swap mechanism
029 Deadlocks
030 Coherence related delays

uploads on 22th feb 2024

031 Caching
032 System architecture for performance
033 Caching for performance
034 HTTP Caching of static data
035 Caching of dynamic data
036 Caching related challenges
037 Summary
038 Performance.pdf


039 Module contents overview
040 Performance vs Scalability
041 Vertical & Horizontal scalability
042 Reverse proxy
043 A reference software system for discussing scalability
044 Scalability principles
045 Modularity for scalability
046 Replication
047 Stateful replication in web applications
048 Stateless replication in web applications
049 Stateless replication of services
050 Database replication
051 Database replication types
052 Need for specialized services
053 Specialized services - SOAPREST
054 Asynchronous services
055 Asynchronous processing & scalability
056 Caching for scalability
057 Vertical partitioning with micro-services
058 Database partitioning
059 Database partitioning selection
060 Routing with database partitioning
061 Methods for horizontal scalability
062 Dealing with large scale systems
063 Load balancing multiple instances
064 Discovery service and load balancing
065 Load balancer discovery
067 Layer-7 load balancers HLB vs SLB
068 DNS as load balancer
069 Global server load balancing
070 Global data replication
071 Auto scaling instances
072 Micro-Services Architecture
073 Micro-Services Motivation
074 Service Oriented Architecture
075 Micro-Services Architecture Style
076 Transactions in Micro-Services
077 Compensating Transactions - SAGA Pattern
078 Micro-services communication model
079 Event driven transactions
080 Extreme scalability with NoSQL and Kafka
081 Summary
082 Scalability.pdf

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