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February 4, 2024
Digital Photography
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In this topic, we share common course, which seems to be useful on any-one loving filming with iPhone.  Free online streaming and download links will be shared below.

Your Comprehensive Resource for Capturing Exceptional iPhone Photographs with the Expertise of a Professional Digital Photographer.

This digital photography course online aims to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel as a professional photographer, utilizing only your iPhone or a similar smartphone. Its engaging design ensures your continuous involvement while refining your abilities to elevate your photography to new heights.



Upload on 4th Feb, 2024:

1 – iPhone Photography Introduction

001 Who Are You and What Am I Going to Learn
002 What Actually is Photography

2 – Pre-Shooting Setup

003 Turn Off Live Photo
004 Turn On HDR
005 Turn On The Grid
006 Focus Tapping, Exposure Control, & Lock Focus
007 How to Optimize Pano Mode

Upload on 4th Feb, 2024:

03 – The 4 Types of Shot Composition for Better Photography

008 What is Shot Composition
009 Perspective.mp4
010 Vantage Point
011 Rule of Thirds
012 Dead Space
013 Quiz 2 Shot Composition

Upload on 7th Feb, 2024:

4 – How to Create Depth in Photography

014 One Simple Trick You Need to Know

5 – How to Utilize Surrounding Elements While Shooting

015 Surrounding Light And How to Use It
016 Filling The Frame

6 – Long Exposure Photography How to Shoot It on the iPhone

017 How to Shoot Long Exposure Photos on the iPhone

Uploads on 11th Feb 2024

7 – Macro Photography How to Shoot It on the iPhone

018 What is Macro and How It's Done

8 – How to Tell Stories in Photography

019 Storytelling

9 – How to Edit & Color Correct Photos in Lightroom

020 How to Edit Your iPhone Photography in Lightroom

Upload on 19th Feb, 2024:

021 How to Create Presets in Lightroom
022 How to Make Your Portraits Pop
023 Quiz 3 Color Correcting

10 – My Shooting and Editing Process

024 Shooting Example #1
025 Shooting Example #1

Upload on 22th Feb, 2024:

11 – iPhone Photography Must Knows

026 Be Adventurous
027 Break The Rules
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