How to create a high-converting homepage (or other landing page)

January 3, 2024
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Download FREE How to create a high-converting homepage (or other landing page), an online course designed by By Paul Boag (awwwards), who has been working in design any landing page for 27 years.



This course lasts just almost 1 hour, but it may take week to study.

In this course, the author will focus on the following points:

  • The secret to a successful landing page
  • Instructions to create a compelling value proposition
  • Instructions to deal with user concerns and objections
  • Instructions to leverage social proof
  • Instructions to create content blocks and calls to action
  • Instructions to design the flow of your pages
  • Instructions to style your pages to resonate with users
  • Instructions to focus the user’s attention on critical content
  • Instructions to ensure your landing page continues to improve over time


Upload on 3rd, Dec, 2023:

The Secret to Creating a Successful Landing Page.rar
The Power of Objection Handling for Conversion.rar
How to Create a Compelling Value Proposition.rar
Leveraging the Benefits of Social Proof.rar

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